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Applying Cultural Sensitivity in Mental Health Care


Everyone is immersed in different cultures. However, cultural factors also contribute to the development of mental health issues. Thus, mental health care providers should practice cultural sensitivity in treating patients, such as being culturally sensitive in providing adult foster care services in Boston, MA.

  • How does culture affect mental health?

    Culture enables us to live the way we are living. We follow certain social norms or rules that may affect how we think and perceive things. Sadly, one’s cultural background contributes to the development of symptoms and the formulation of treatment. In our mental health counseling in Massachusetts, we take note of our client’s cultural backgrounds to achieve optimum care.

  • What happens when cultural sensitivity is not applied?

    A mental healthcare clinic should take a client’s beliefs, culture, history, and generational practices into account. Not knowing or asking about these things can lead to misunderstanding, misdiagnosis, and misguided treatment

  • How to apply cultural sensitivity in mental health care?

    Clients should seek group or individual therapy that practices cultural humility. Professionals should practice cultural humility to understand, evaluate, and criticize their own and clients’ belief systems. Providers should remove racism and biases against clients and start forming empathy and trust toward them.

Medicine and treatment should be available to people of color, race, and ethnicity. Mental health care is for everyone, and no one should take away their right to healthcare.

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