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How Childhood Trauma Affects Adulthood

How Childhood Trauma Affects Adulthood

People developed childhood trauma when they experienced traumatic events when they were a child. It could be physical or verbal abuse, sexual abuse, traumatic accidents, bullying, witnessed death, or a disaster. Some of the factors of this trauma that occur in adulthood are having low self-esteem, complications in relationships, and having a weak view of life.

As a provider of adult foster care services in Massachusetts, we will provide you some of the effects of childhood trauma on adults.

  • Addiction.
    People who have past trauma and do not have proper treatment are the people who are struggling more on finding closure. Therefore, they rely more on drugs, alcohol, or foods as their coping mechanism to deal with their anxiety or depression. And this could also be a harm to physical health and could form a chronic illness.
  • Losing memories.
    People who have a traumatic memory when they were a child often don’t remember some parts of their past. This defense mechanism is known as blocking. It is the way for the individual to avoid the painful memories of the past. If you seek help for dealing with your trauma, contact mental health counseling in Mattapan, Massachusetts.
  • Isolating and keeping away from relationships.
    People who experienced negative growth in childhood might lack social skills and do not have a longing for friendship with other people. So, they may choose to isolate themselves.

If you are fighting by yourself to the after-effects of your childhood trauma, we at priority professional care are here to help you. We are also providing Home Care Services. Call us today!

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