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The Biggest Risk Factors for Mental Problems

the-biggest-risk-factors-for-mental-problemsOne of the worst things about mental problems is they often don’t have physical manifestations. People could be suffering from them without even realizing it. Unfortunately, it could already be too late before they can do something about it. This is why they must take preventive measures against these as much as possible. Undergoing mental health counseling is an excellent start.

People can visit a mental healthcare clinic to help ensure mental wellness. Getting guidance and support from healthcare experts is undeniably beneficial for people’s overall health. However, there are still other things that they can do for the sake of their well-being. This holds especially true when it comes to mental health. People must come up with ways to foster and protect their mental well-being.

Avoiding issues that affect mental wellness is crucial for those who are under adult foster care services in Massachusetts and other areas. In order to take protective measures against mental health problems, one must be knowledgeable about risk factors. Being able to identify these things makes it easier to avoid them.

Below is a list of the biggest risk factors for mental health problems:

  • Childhood abuse
    A traumatic past could have a lasting effect.
  • Social isolation
    Extreme loneliness affects both mental and emotional wellness.
  • Poverty
    Social disadvantage takes a toll on mental health.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
    Unhealthy habits only have harmful consequences.
  • Bereavement
    The loss of a loved one is extremely devastating.

Make sure to assess whether you’re at greater risk for mental issues or not.

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