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What Factors Affect the Mental Health of Seniors?

what-factors-affect-the-mental-health-of-seniorsChange is something we can’t escape, no matter what stage in life we are in. However, because seniors experience it in several aspects, they may find that change is a big issue that negatively affects their wellbeing.

This is one of the many concerns we strive to tackle here at Priority Professional Care. Apart from being a trusted provider of adult foster care services in Massachusetts, we also take measures to raise the community’s awareness about their health and wellness.

Having said that, here are some factors that can affect the mental health of our beloved seniors:

  • Retirement:
    Many of us find that our work gives us a feeling of purpose and improves our self-esteem. Additionally, it fosters connections, gives our days structure, and guarantees financial stability. As such, seniors might find it difficult to adjust to life once they have retired. A community support program can be of great help in such cases.
  • Bereavement:
    We all experience grief in various ways. You might be depressed, enraged, worried, guilty, horrified, or hopeless. Your physical health may be impacted by loss, too. If you are struggling to cope, mental health counseling can provide you with the help you require in processing your emotions.
  • Physical illness or disability:
    Poor physical health makes it difficult to get out and do the activities you like, which may lead to feelings of Depression or Anxiety. Apart from consulting primary providers, it’s also ideal to use home care services in Mattapan, Massachusetts, so you can have assistance with activities of daily living.

If you have further questions, you are welcome to visit our mental healthcare clinic anytime!

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