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Be Aware of the Early Signs of Dementia

Be Aware of the Early Signs of Dementia

Aging adults must be wary of their changing mood and behavior. Some of us know that dementia is a collection of symptoms that can occur due to an array of diseases. Its common symptoms include impairments in thought, memory, and communication. But how aware must we be regarding this condition’s possibility of occurrence in our lives? For starters, a lot of adult foster care services in Massachusetts can readily help you or your aging loved ones in assessing for early signs and symptoms of dementia.

If you are experiencing memory problems, don’t immediately conclude that you have dementia. A person must have at least two types of impairment that significantly interfere with daily living to receive a diagnosis of dementia. But for continual self-assessment, you must observe your behavior as you age and watch out for these signs: subtle short-term memory changes, difficulty in finding the right words, changes in mood, apathy, difficulty in completing normal tasks, confusion, difficulty in following storylines, failing sense of direction, being repetitive, and struggling to adapt to change. But again, the presence of forgetfulness and any of the previously-mentioned signs don’t immediately point to dementia. But experiencing a number of these signs, which aren’t improving by time, suggests that you should talk to a doctor or sign up for our mental health counseling in Mattapan, Massachusetts.

Dementia is common in people over the age of 65, but it can start to manifest at a younger age. Early diagnosis and treatment can slow the disease’s progression. Contact us at Priority Professional Care to know more about your mental health. We also provide home care services, too!

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