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Depression Is Not a Normal Part of Aging

Depression Is Not a Normal Part of Aging

A lot of us think that seniors cannot escape depression because it is normal for them to get lonely and feel isolated. Depression among older adults is also true and is a treatable psychiatric condition. The thing is, older adults are somewhat susceptible to depression as they are at an increased risk to the condition. A senior loved one whom you might have observed to occasionally feel sad and display hopelessness in their actions is not merely “feeling the blues.” It can be a sign of depression and must be addressed professionally right away as you would with diabetes or hypertension. Our adult foster care services in Massachusetts can help you and your loved ones manage and treat depression and other mental health problems.

Home care services can greatly help seniors who are diagnosed with depression. As these individuals tend to stay at home most of their time, assistance and companionship are necessary so that they can be guarded against breakdowns or other resulting conditions. While depression is not treated overnight, in-home services can help seniors to get by one step at a time. It becomes easier for them to relax when they know they are with someone whom they can trust. There are also therapies and psychological assessments that can be done in the comforts of the older adult’s home. These are also important as a lot of cases have shown that older adults are often misdiagnosed and undertreated.

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