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Common Causes of Depression Among the Elderly

common-causes-of-depression-among-the-elderlyDepression is a serious issue but a common mood disorder that affects how you feel, think, and act. For seniors, depression can reduce the quality of life and is not a normal part of aging. Although there is no single cause of depression in seniors, several factors play a role. Hence, mental health counseling is recommended to manage its symptoms.

As an established provider of home care services in Mattapan, Massachusetts, we will discuss the common causes of depression among aging adults:

  • Health Problems and Disability
    Chronic illness or living with a disability can increase the risk of cognitive decline while damaging the body. Many seniors with illnesses or disabilities become depressed as health problems can cause overwhelming and often sudden life changes that limit their independence and mobility.
  • Reduced Sense of Purpose
    Many seniors who enter retirement are often surprised by how much free time they have on their hands. This brings a loss of identity, self-confidence, status, and even financial security. Physical limitations on activities they once enjoyed can also impact their sense of purpose.
  • Loss of a Spouse or Loved One
    The loss of a spouse, family member, close friend, or pet can also cause depression in seniors. Although it is normal to feel sad after a loss, prolonged feelings of sadness and hopelessness could indicate depression. Individual therapy from our mental healthcare clinic can help seniors process their grief and begin the healing process.

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