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Managing Social Awkwardness After COVID-19


Since most of us have had a blank calendar over the past year, it can feel liberating to finally get back into the action. But getting back into social routines after isolating may also bring about anxiety for some.

As providers of professional Mental Health Counseling in Dorchester, Massachusetts, we understand how difficult and discouraging this might all seem. To help, we’ve made a list of helpful tips you or your loved ones can use to ease back into things.

  • Ease back into the game.

    For patients who live with social anxiety, it’s important to slowly enter into social life, especially after isolating for so long. You can start by connecting with your closest friends and family members. When you’re ready, you can start reaching out to other people you enjoy being around.

  • Let yourself feel scared.

    Even if it seems like everyone around you isn’t worried or scared to get back into the world, it’s perfectly acceptable to have your anxieties about social situations.

    Socialize at your comfort level and try not to get pressured by other people’s actions.

  • Practice self-care.

    Prioritizing your physical and mental health and developing self-reflective practices like therapy and journaling are all practical ways to manage stress and social anxiety.

At Priority Professional Care, we provide our clients with a host of Adult Foster Care Services in Massachusetts, including mental health assistance and counseling where we teach clients helpful ways to manage social anxieties and other mental health issues.

To learn more about our Home Care Services, please don’t hesitate to contact us, today!

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