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Adult Foster Care and Mental Health Care Services

Adult Foster Care and Mental Health Care Services

In the United States, there are roughly around 11 million people who need some form of assistance to complete their activities of daily living. And the vast majority of them, mostly older adults, cannot live on their own even with the availability of home care services.

To those who are unable to live independently at home but still want to live a quality life, they can explore adult foster care services in Massachusetts as an alternative to home caregiving.

This type of service is typically geared towards older adults who are having difficulty completing their daily tasks. They are placed in an assisted living residence and live among a small group of seniors, usually around six or fewer people.

Aside from personal care, senior residents get assistance in managing medication, when moving around like walking or climbing the stairs, running errands for them, as well as companions during their appointments.

Living within an assisted home can ensure personal safety and prevent wandering and self-harm behaviors, especially for those who have mental health problems like depression, anxiety, or dementia. If they prefer it, they can also have mental health counseling in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

If you are looking for a holistic and all-around care service provider, Priority Professional Care can deliver it to you. Contact us now to know more about our adult foster care and other home and mental health care services.

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