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The Dangers of Social Media to One’s Mental Health

The Dangers of Social Media to One’s Mental Health

The majority of people own a social media account or two. Websites like Facebook, Instagram, and others are essential nowadays. People stay at home most of the time during this pandemic, and the best way to communicate with family and loved ones is through the said applications.

However, too much exposure to networking sites may trigger depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem in adults and teens. Discrimination, bullying, and bashing are rampant online, negative news and events, too – regardless of their authenticity.

People tend to attack others when they dislike a post. Anyone can encounter bashing – even the prettiest celebrities battle such treatment. Some even receive violent threats that cause trauma to people, which may require Mental Health Counseling in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

Responsible usage of social media accounts can save people from these mental issues. A person can choose not to engage and ignore bashers or take it to the next level, like reporting the account holder. Minimize the online screen time of seniors under Adult Foster Care Services in Massachusetts to save them from experiencing stress and worry.

Priority Professional Care understands what they are going through. And that is why our team is here to provide counseling, as well as Home Care Services, to keep your loved ones healthy physically and mentally. Contact us for more information about our services.

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