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Ways to Talk to Your Senior Loved One About Depression

Ways to Talk to Your Senior Loved One About Depression

Depression is not a normal part of aging. That said, it can be difficult to identify what can still be considered as regular sadness and what already needs to be addressed through professional help and mental health counseling in Dorchester, Massachusetts.

This, along with the stigma, feelings of shame, among other issues, can make approaching the subject even more difficult.

This is something that we are familiar with as providers of adult foster care services in Massachusetts at Priority Professional Care.

To help you, we have listed down some of the ways you can talk to your senior loved one about what you suspect to be depression. Among these include:

  • Find the right timing to talk. Choose a place of comfort and a time where they feel relaxed. Opening about the talk when they are feeling stressed and/or distracted, they are not likely to respond to you positively.
  • Preface your talk by emphasizing you care and want to help.
  • Be careful about appearing forceful or making demands. If you find yourself being frustrated, end the conversation and try again some other time.
  • Politely let them know about your observations. Say ‘I have noticed that…’ instead of ‘You are acting/being.’
  • Offer suggestions to make their every day easier. For instance, having home care services can ease some burden off their shoulders and let them focus on their mental health.

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